I’m in the middle of moving, but took a few hours to enjoy Free Comic Book Day. Excuse my early am, just woke up selfie. lol 🙂 Our comic shop had giveaways for the first people in line, so D and I were determined to get there first. We arrived at 6:30 am. They didn’t open until 10:00 am. It was cold but worth it.

firstpop and ww

I was first in line! D was second in line so we got both handouts. An Iron Fist Pop! and a special edition Wonder Woman figure! We spent 3 hours talking to nice people before the doors opened. I’m planning to go to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH in June and the guy standing next in line was also going so we got excited and talked about that as well as comic books, movies, blah, blah, blah.

Once they opened we were able to snag some freebies, the regular titles and some half price trades! Yay for Saga vol. 6 and Grendel Omnibus! D got some DC pinup lithographs too, which are fun.

Here’s what I picked up:

FCBD grabs:

  • Riverdale
  • Animal Jam
  • TMNT
  • The Tick
  • XO Manowar
  • Catalyst Prime
  • Colorful Monsters
  • Miraculous
  • Rick and Morty
  • Lady Mechanika
  • Guardians of the Galaxy


  • Black Bolt #1
  • Spider-man/Deadpool #17


  • Paper Girls #14

Titan Comics

  • Penny Dreadful

Dark Horse

  • Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #4


  • Green Arrow Rebirth #22
  • Justice League Rebirth #20
  • Aquaman Rebirth #22
  • Nightwing Rebirth #20

Saga Volume 6

Grendel Omnibus, Volume 1: Hunter Rose

Great stuff! I look forward to getting through it all!


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