I’m pretty excited for the 25¢ issue of Saga (issue 43).

Unfortunately, I’m not caught up on Saga, but I do love it and I’ll be grabbing the single issue to file along with my trades. I’ve read the first five trades and if it’s not my favorite series, it’s wayyyy up there.

saga trade 1

I didn’t really know anything about the series when I picked it up initially. I just knew it had some sorta gritty looking fairy people on the cover and they looked like they were maybe in trouble. That was enough for me to crack the cover. That assessment wasn’t perfect, but it grabbed me immediately. The characters are imperfect and that just made me love them. They’re dealing with impossible circumstances and doing the best they can…which isn’t that great half the time.


Anyhoo. I’m excited for the Image 25th anniversary issue.

I love the writing. I LOVE the artwork. I love Lying Cat. It’s just great. I highly recommend it.


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