I’m not sure what I expected when I picked this up. Somehow, not a romance, which…. *looks at title* Uhm. Maybe I should have.

The story focuses on psychic character, Berenice, who does not share the fact that she has extra sensory perception. She sorta just grins and bears it. She moves into an old house with her boyfriend and from there the story grows.

The writing wasn’t bad. The story was very tidy in its execution and could be dropped seamlessly into any Deadman timeline. That said, it wasn’t really about Deadman and it uses a very done “husband murders his wife for supernatural power” trope as its main plot with no real deviation or twist. But the story was very inclusive and the inclusion felt natural. No one was being stupid about pronoun usage or sexuality. Yay for focusing on the plot!

I’m not sure I’d recommend it as reading unless you’re hard up for something featuring Deadman, but it was a pleasant read. He got trapped, got to talk to a pretty ghost, and a nice woman, and got freed.

deadman 2 page 8 panel

This is a three issue series released 2016-2017 from DC Comics.


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